patent preparation and prosecution

Patent Preparation and Prosecution – 1st Trimester 2017


This course is the 1st of 3 courses that will cover patent preparation and prosecution basics.

Dates: December 5th – January 16th (with winter break December 24th – January 5th)
Clinicals: Tuesday evenings, 6PM – 9PM EST

The need for patent practitioners remains recession proof. Do you have the IP and patent law knowledge and skills needed to join this resourceful group? This course is designed to prepare current and future patent practitioners, with a focus on electrical/computer engineering-type patents, to become experts in their field. Patent drafting and prosecution is a high-level skill set requiring a wide knowledge base and efficiency.

Learners will build on their basic claim drafting skills by learning the rules, regulations, customs, and practices for dealing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) when filing and prosecuting patent applications. Learners will draft 3 complete patent applications including an emphasis on claim structure. The course format is 1-2 hours per week of pre-recorded videos that will cover theory and general principles, plus regularly scheduled clinicals with a practicing patent prosecution attorney. During the clinicals, the practicing attorney will discuss and provide feedback on the patent applications for the course. At the completion of the course, learners will receive a certificate from the Patent Institute of Training.

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Please ensure that your laptop or computer has microphone and video capabilities.