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Patent Portfolio Management: Oct 23, 2017

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Course Description

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In association with Georgia Tech.

This course will cover the strategic and tactical execution of patent portfolio development and management from a business perspective. We will discuss the end-to-end process of portfolio management including patent portfolio strategy development, portfolio SWOT analysis, building and managing a useful global patent portfolio and culling non-strategic assets.

We will walk through a real world example of managing a patent portfolio for business advantage. We will review the business strategy and the supporting patent portfolio strategy. From there we will analyze the competitive landscape and make comparisons to the portfolio, separate the value from non-valuable patents, determine what gaps exist in the portfolio and where, learn techniques for filling those gaps (make, collaborate, buy, borrow) and finally, create a report template for communicating the portfolio value and improvements to a leadership team. Class meets 1pm-5pm.

Course Format

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for inventors, engineers, corporate citizens, start-up companies, those wanting to understand the interplay between business, legal and technical when developing and executing a patent portfolio strategy.

How You Will Benefit

  • Develop your capacity to think strategically about a patent portfolio
  • Understand crafting a global patent portfolio strategy that supports a business strategy
  • Become acquainted with patent landscaping and competitive analysis tools
  • Identify with confidence strategic vs. non-strategic patents in a portfolio
  • Become more proficient in effectively evaluating the business value of an invention


  • Developing a patent portfolio strategy from a business strategy
  • Competitive patent landscape analysis
  • Patent portfolio SWOT analysis
  • Filling portfolio gaps
  • Processes for effectively managing a patent portfolio and executing the portfolio strategy
  • Metrics for measuring progress and state of the portfolio compared to ideal state
  • Mitigating risk