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PIT Graduate Testimonials

My 3 instructors greatly accelerated my learning curve. Over the 15-week course, we drafted 9 patent applications and 4 office action responses. I feel more than qualifed to fill an entry-level patent preparation and prosecution position, and make a positive impact on Day 1.
patent institute of training
Patent Prep & Prosecution grad
The comprehensiveness of the instruction and information that I was provided makes me more effective in my role. It covered the patent process thoroughly, and I still refer to the information I was provided in the course in my current position for details on a patent topic, including being able to review forms and information on the patent filing process.
patent institute of training
IP Paralegal grad
With the course, I feel that I have a super strong foundation in trademark law. This was an amazing course and I'm happy it was put together. I feel 10x better and am so appreciative for this opportunity.
patent institute of training
Trademark Boot Camp grad

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What sets the Patent Institute of Training apart from other legal education providers?

Our commitment to hands-on, practical experience in every course. Students receive not only theory, but professional feedback and review of their work products by leaders in the IP law field. PIT teaches what works, what doesn’t work, with expert engagement on why and how to create better IP strategies.

Hear how PIT interacts with its students from a recent graduate.